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BUILDER FEES - Debunking myths

The County Council is about to vote soon on just how much (if any) increase in Builder surcharge fees for schools will be done. They haven't been increased for a very long time, and are among the lowest in the State in Hoco. See HERE to read my column edition in the Business Monthly debunking some myths proposed by opposition to increasing the fees.

Testimony presented on same issue is HERE. Hit play and scroll across the bottom of video box to time of 2:55:53.

One thing that would be completely unacceptable is any further delay in getting these fees increased. If there is a proposal to do any further analysis or request the State Delegation give different allowances, that would be entirely wrong. If that is desired it should be done AFTER an increase is implemented ASAP, with a look to amend things later if necessary.

If you haven't yet, you can give your opinion to the Council on this issue (subject CB42) at

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