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The Once and Future Good Board of Ed

The HCPSS has been taking a lot of hits lately, and it's time to plug the ship. PAY attention to this year's Board of Education elections, PLEASE!!! Do not vote for incumbents Ann Delacy, Ellen Flynn Giles nor Janet Siddiqui. When the Governor, both parties' delegation members, and thousands of Howard County citizens are up in arms over HCPSS leadership problems, it is TIME FOR CHANGE. Now a former Board of Education Chair/Member has sent an open letter asking for oversight and HCPSS leadership repair, and even the resignation of Superintendent Foose and some of the Board of Education members. Read the open letter here. #HCPSS #BOE

"Sign-up" to Help Get a Better Board of ED

The People's Voice sent an email giving the final results of our petition asking the Board of Education not to renew the Superintendent's contract, and the shocking way in which they held a NOT "public" hearing to do so. We asked people to look at all the reasons one should NOT VOTE for the Board of Ed incumbents up for reelection this year: NO VOTE to Ann Delacy; NO VOTE to Ellen Flynn Giles; and NO VOTE to Janet Siddiqui. The reasons are outlined in this Better Board of ED petition. People are asking what it is, and why another petition? First, it isn't a petition in the true sense of the word. We received numerous requests to edit the petition to take the next logical step - a request to

Howard County and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Well, it has been more like a two week run of bad news that the local community has had to endure. First, Superintendent Foose got a deserved tongue-lashing from Governor Hogan for miscommunication about mold in schools. He is requiring that she report back on the maintenance expenditures that she promised at the public works hearing. What’s this? Accountability? Oversight? I guess that the HCPSS can’t disband the State review as easily as it disbanded the citizens’ operating budget review. Then, we had the terrible racist video which was handled oddly. Foose sent out an email to the HCPSS parents asking for a teaching opportunity, and saying not to watch it. An African American student shar