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Howard County's own custody battle

It reads like an emotional divorce complaint. She doesn’t like me, and says nasty things. This other person said she said really bad things about me. She wants me out. She says I can’t make all the decisions anymore. How sad that I am referring to the Superintendent of Schools “counts” of actionable items against the Board of Education (and its Members as individuals). Custody of the well-being of the School System is at stake and my bet is the Board of Education will win this battle, and I just hope they stay strong and use their resources to do justice and not just line Foose’s pockets. Now, unless you pay no attention to local HoCo civic issues, and you must if you are reading this someho

Planning for Hopefulness

A great sense of hope was felt a few weeks ago, as the new Board of Education was installed. The whole room could feel the happiness. It was as if the walls themselves were sighing in relief. As the delightful evening of the swearing-in of our new Board of Education members progressed, one could see they were hitting the ground running. First was the vote on the new Chair Cynthia Vaillancourt and Vice Chair Bess Altwerger. In case you missed it, the new Board also made these changes: No longer can the Superintendent hire attorneys that represent the school system or the Board, the Board will be doing that now. That inappropriate Foose appointment of Ann DeLacy to oversee budget decisions she