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Hope Springs Eternal - Guest Blog

Intro: Lisa Markovitz This blog post is a Guest Blog from Susan Garber's blog "How Come", and we repeat it here because the subject is dear to us. I was in the process of writing a blog about similar issues that reminded me of the Zoning Referendum of 2013 that I chaired. So, I decided to simply give this blog post a nod instead of writing a similar one. Rezoning cemeteries is a prickly issue. Back during the referendum, when this issue was also raised, we often lamented they would "Rezone your Bones!!" in Howard County. We are glad to hear, that maybe they won't so easily anymore. How Come? - Susan Garber April 23rd is Shakespeare’s birthday, (as well as mine), making it ever so appropriat

This Duck Isn't Quacking

So we are all familiar with taxes. Has anyone ever met a voluntary tax? Anyone? Ever? I sure haven’t, and yet, this is the reasoning that the Office of Law is giving to the Administration to keep The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO), BIG, GIANT DEAL, out of local legislation for possibly an entire year. APFO places regulations on development in an effort to phase growth to keep up with infrastructure and County services availability to an ever-increasing population. This ordinance had not been reviewed in over 10 years, so County Executive Allan Kittleman appointed a task force to review it and make recommendations for an update. I was honored to have sat on that task force whi