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Scales seem broken - DRRA UPDATE

Updating on the blog about CR49 which has a Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement in it for the sale of the property where the county wishes to build High School 13 on Mission Road. An amendment was filed two hours prior to the public hearing on this Resolution this past Monday. That amendment addressed some of the issues regarding concerns about how long an adjacent quarry will operate legally. The second part addressed what zoning regulations would be frozen for 25 years in this agreement. Upon first glance the amendment seemed to say that the parcels would have to abide by whatever laws are current, down the road, regarding future development and not freeze today's laws. Unfort

HS Yes, development giveaway No

DRRA’s – Developer’s Rights and Responsibilities Agreements What are these? They are agreements between government bodies and developers. They exist because sometimes large developments are providing community amenities for which the government is willing to guarantee more predictability of profitability for a project, in order to get the large benefit provided. Sounds reasonable, but problems arise when DRRA’s freeze our zoning laws and regulations for decades at a time, and not even just on a project’s actual issues of development, like their number of units allowed, or setbacks, heights and other specific requirements, but also include things like not having to abide by general ordinances