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Update: September 17 - Since last blogging the County has presented more information at new meetings and I believe they have answered more questions, provided more data and been convincing that the full County EC Flood Mitigation Plan should be implemented. See testimony I gave at the the link below for an update, and click on Council Bill 62 (C), (x) Lisa Markovitz (third time name appears down the list), on the chart of available testimonies below the video. ------------------------------------------------------- August 30 blog: Many Howard County residents have expressed the desire for more information in response to


GUEST BLOGGER TODAY - Julia A. McCready village green/town² Blog (guest blogger request/reprint with permission) I have not led a perfect life. I didn’t do particularly well in school. My first marriage crumbled. I had extreme difficulty making ends meet during my years as a single parent. My house is not ready for visitors at all times, shall we say. I’m not the best at going out and socializing. But I have my good name. People who know me from blogging, or teaching, or my work in the community have heard generally positive things about what I stand for. I feel good about that. I have worked hard in my car