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The People's Voice    LLC is a civic/political organization.  


We provide information to the public via this site, Facebook, Twitter, and member emails explaining current County and development plans. Our incentive is to inform citizens of local government issues that could affect their quality of life, so they can get involved and voice their support or concerns where necessary. We seek to improve transparency and community involvement in Howard County. The HCCA (Howard County Citizens Association) has formed a Coalition with us to provide this service.


Our PAC sponsors the Ethics Ballot    which endorses local candidates whom we believe put community interests over special interests. We use public information to analyze candidate funding and any perceived conflicts of interest with the position sought. We also use voting records or position data, where available, to make this determination.    


We also provide members with easy, quick access to Campaign Finance Reports during election cycles.


The current Board of Directors was established with the formation of The People's Voice, and Board Members are added or removed via majority vote of the current Board.