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Choosing Insanity - Update

For those following the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) review and legislation, CB61-2017, there are many amendments being proposed. Take a look at and on the top right are documents explaining APFO, and the amendments.

I have particular concern about adding an adjacency test (where a closed school opens because there is an open one adjacent) without a "net" review. For instance, if a school is open by 2% under capacity but the one next door is 10% over, that's not an even out now is it? The open school adjacent should have more capacity to fill than the amount the closed one is over. Also, do ALL adjacent areas open? Seems to me, even if the proposed overcapacity one is redistricted to the proposed open one, it is used up. So, we need language that allows that "net" review to happen only once as well, not every adjacent school district pointing at it as an excuse to move forward.

I also am concerned about eliminating a current test. Until I see the ramifications in reality of removing the ES regions test, I cannot get excited about adding a high school test that requires that trade-off. I don't want ES's to pay for helping HS's. After all, our current tests have produced the problems we now face, so care needs to be taken on the compromising notions.

Please email the council your feelings about these amendments at, as they plan to be voting on these and the bill on Monday, November 6.

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