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Mutiny in the County

Can we get this done already? Remember when practically the entire County was in unison deciding to get a new Board of Education? Remember when the outcry crossed all types of people to have the Sheriff resign? There was a woodshed meeting that took place there, and I really hope another one happens soon to resolve the Superintendent “issue”. We need that kind of moment again, because unfortunately, we were not able to get our Howard County Delegation Senatorial support for a local bill to allow our Howard County Board of Education to fire their own Superintendent.

So, now it is a Statewide bill HB1603, which would allow all Boards of Education to terminate their Superintendents for cause. Thank you to Delegates Atterbeary and Ebersole for this attempt, although I am hearing there is little chance that it will pass. There is no sister bill in the Senate, and there will be lots of opposition, by every Superintendent, and others. The People’s Voice Board Member, Barb Krupiarz did a lot of research and discovered that there is NO other state where there isn’t law, at least case law that allows this type of termination. Why would MD have to be so different, to only allow the MD Superintendent to terminate a local one? If you know any state legislators in other jurisdictions, please reach out to support HB1603, that is, IF it even gets out of committee.

I would imagine most Boards of Education would be very pleased to have this be a State law. Hopefully, there will be enough support for it, if not now, then next year. What a hard year that would be though right? I am sitting on the OBRC (operating budget review committee) for the Board of Education. We have had quite a lot of trouble getting questions answered, and the Board Members have even had much difficulty getting data. This impasse must cease. A billion dollar budget and controlled by virtually one person? I have also heard, that even the changes the Board of Education have made in the budget don’t legally have to even be followed by the Superintendent! I cannot even imagine how someone could even BE more insubordinate lately.

So, I am hopeful that some sort of agreement will be reached soon, with the help of some leaders. Let’s hope. Also, if and when that happens, legislation should still be passed to keep us from ever having this problem again.

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