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CALL TO ACTION - Council Hearing Monday 6/20 George Howard Bldg. 6PM

Please come to the next Council legislative hearing on Monday June 20th and testify regarding CR88 School System audit and budget oversight committee creation. - SUPPORT

Last week, HCPSS leadership increased the maximum average class size allowed for Howard County Schools. I see this as an affront to the attempts of the County Executive and County Council to direct funding to specific categories, and pushing for cuts OUTSIDE the classroom, with specific statements that full funding was to be made to Instruction, HCEA salaries, and Special Education. Increasing class sizes flies in the face of these efforts, and cuts costs INSIDE the classrooms, affecting the quality of education for the entire School System.

We obviously, deeply need a forensic audit of the School System’s budget, as their projections, for years, have not been accurate and they eliminated their oversight committee. It is commendable and appreciated that the Council has responded to these concerns in the budget process and with this legislation. I do not believe they do not have the legal right to form their own budget committee for review assistance, and I firmly believe it is anything but a conflict of interest to perform an audit of how our tax funds are utilized, as it is their duty, along with the County Executive to approve these funds responsibly.

George Howard Building, Monday, June 20th 6pm. Personally, I plan to ask the Council to take a harsh step, and warn the HCPSS that if they increase class sizes, thwarting their attempt to direct funding, that they will NOT easily grant them category transfers relating to this year's budget. The requirements for any money movement next time, should have to come with forensic audits, and documented invoices to pay, considering how little information they got this last time, and the flouting of the responsible demands for changes since then. I hope the Council stands firm, and protects the quality of our School System.

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