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So, this is their Response?

Many extremely important and shocking experiences were brought up by teachers, parents and concerned citizens at the Town Hall held at the Community College, hosted by the HoCo Delegation. They heard about bullying being ignored (even life-threatening bullying), mishandled responses to suicide and lack of assistance prior, refusals to comply with the law regarding public documents, and attacking those who seek our legal system's help in appealing the misdeeds. The list was longer, from dozens experiencing bad relations and policies with the Board of Education (BOE) and Superintendent Foose. The mold hiding issue has been in the press a lot as well, and HCPSS responded by saying they learned a lesson and would change their ways. I'm sure not seeing that.

What was their response to all this continued public outcry for transparency, involvement, honesty, and action? They put more links on their website. Then, they canceled a long-scheduled meeting with the Delegation, open to the public.

There's another public forum tonight, Thursday, 12/17/2015, following regular BOE meetings, one at 4:00PM, and one at 7:30PM. You have to sign-up to speak at 410-313-7194. The forum is to be held at the BOE newly renovated offices at 10910 Clarksville Pike.

Howard County, please pay attention to these issues! The BOE will vote on whether or not to renew Superintendent Foose very soon, for 4 more years. Reach out to the BOE members and ask them how they are going to make sure these problems are actually resolved.

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