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"My Turn" Column in Business Monthly

Lisa Markovitz


President TPV

COLUMN: Money talks, voters are listening (Jan 2022)

COLUMN: Commercial vs Residential Space Needs (Mar 2022)

COLUMN: County development update reboot (May 2022)

COLUMN: County Development Plan Update Continues (Jul 2022)

COLUMN: Election Effects on Howard's Dev Plans (Sep 2022)

COLUMN: HoCo by Whose Design? (Jan 2021)

COLUMN: School board needs to dig deeper (Nov 2020)

COLUMN: While You Were Out, Look What Happened (May 2020)

COLUMN: 30 Cents Away from Having a Quarter? (Mar 2020)

COLUMN: Development donations pollute politics (Feb 2020)

COLUMN: Where have all the trees gone in HOCO? (Jan 2020)

COLUMN: Ready to Disband the Planning Board? (Nov 2019)

COLUMN: Is Howard County age-friendly? (Sep 2019)

COLUMN: Increase Development Fees! (Jul 2019)

COLUMN: HOAs to be Regulated? (Sep 2021)

COLUMN: Small Businesses Need Your Help (July 2020)

COLUMN: Vaccine Rollout Getting Better (Mar 2021)

COLUMN Can we get affordable housing more affordably? (Sep 2020)

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