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Petition Update

The People's Voice is proud of petition sponsors' letters to Governor Hogan, some of which he read during a hearing on January 27, and is now requiring more oversight and reporting from Superintendent Foose to show that money is being spent how it was intended. We hope the County takes the same steps toward more accountability.


The Baltimore Sun article belows reports on the Board of Public Works hearing

Please sign THE PETITION to deny renewing the contract for Howard County’s superintendent. We request that the Howard County Board of Education not renew the contract of Superintendent Foose if she requests renewal.

PETITION asking Board of Education to hire a new Superintendent.  

The People's Voice is now blogging. We look forward to your comments and feedback.

County Schedules and Project Info have been updated.

The People's Voice and HCCA have formed a civic coalition to serve as a joint hub of information...

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We demand that our elected Board of Education hire a superintendent who will require transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. The years under Superintendent Foose have caused escalating difficulties for taxpayers, parents, students, and teachers. The Petition provides a documented, sourced list of concerns and problems with the HCPSS. Please take a moment to sign and share this Petition.

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