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Christina Delmont-Small

Board of Education District 1

Christina Delmont-Small, incumbent member of the Howard County Board of Education, has proven her commitment to fiscal responsibility, student data privacy, special education compliance, open government, transparency, and more. Her knowledge of the school system as past president of the PTA Council of Howard County, Chair of the Operating Budget Review Committee makes her an invaluable asset to the next Board. Her steadfast resolve to ensure taxpayer dollars are well spent, student achievement is prioritized, community members have a voice, and policies are followed is evident in her past and present work, making her an important member to retain on the Board of Education.

Our School System was already facing a financial crisis before the pandemic, and now more than ever, we need Board Members who can help us navigate the coming changes.

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James Cecil

Board of Education District 2

James Cecil is a lifelong Maryland resident, nine-year Howard County resident, and parent of children in the Howard County Public School System. James has a Bachelors Degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland in College Park. He spent his 17 year career in the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Maryland supporting student professional development and mentoring students to be community leaders.


James strongly believes that education is the foundation upon which all communities are built. He is running to help ensure that all the children in our County have access to the educational opportunities, resources and programs they may specifically need to succeed regardless of where they live or the challenges they face. James has proven through his communications, and actions, that he is able to work on problems together with all Board Members, in a productive and collaborative manner.

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Jolene Mosley

Board of Education District 3

Jolene has been a Howard County resident for nearly 25 years and an active volunteer in the community and school system. She has had children in the HCPSS for over 13 years. She has served and currently serves as a representative for HCPSS GT Parent Academy, Howard County Parents for School Music (HCPSM), FLL Team as a coach, the Oakland Mills Community Association (OMCA) Education Committee, the HCPSS Policy Development/Revision Team, the Community Advisory Council (CAC) as 1st Vice Chair, and the Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC).


Jolene is a proud UMBC graduate with BS degrees in Mathematics and Economics. She is currently employed as a Senior Data Scientist where she programs and creates models for a healthcare company. Her professional background as a data scientist will be a tremendous asset as she can bring evidence-based decision making to the Board. Her life experiences as a parent with GT and special needs children, of having a child who survived cancer, and having four children who range from 4 - 17 yrs old all give her a unique perspective from which to advocate for all children. We believe Jolene will be an excellent addition to the Board.


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Sezin Palmer

Board of Education District 4

At this unprecedented difficult time, we need qualified Board Members to safely steward our way into the new normal after schools reopen. Sezin has over 20 years experience at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, and is an executive leader of the organization with over 8,000 staff. She is published in the Harvard Business Journal and National Academy of Medicine. She recently met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss COVID19 responses. She has specific high-level professional and governmental experience in the medical field and with innovative technology. We would be lucky to have such talent and expertise on the Board of Education.


Sezin is a lifelong Howard County resident, and graduate of the HCPSS with children currently attending. She obtained her BS and MS engineering degrees from the University of MD College Park and the Johns Hopkins University, respectively. She has been active in PTAs and Boosters for over 10 years and has actively supported numerous charitable organizations.


Sezin currently serves as an executive leader in a large research and development organization in Howard County, with significant decision-making responsibilities for balancing fiscal and organizational needs. She would bring extensive leadership experience in budgetary planning, resource allocation and innovative problem-solving to the Board of Education.


Sezin believes HCPSS should be held to expectations consistent with those of a top-ranked public school system. She is a fierce advocate for transparency and fiscal responsibility and believes elected representatives should be held accountable for representing the interests of their constituents, not politicians or special-interest groups. Sezin is focused on uniting communities across Howard County, and has decades of experience working collaboratively across organizations to develop successful solutions to the most challenges problems.

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The People's Voice did not endorse a candidate in the primary to the Ethics Ballot for District 5. There were not enough votes for one candidate to endorse at this time. We will reevaluate for the general election.